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Palazzo Pitti
Situated in the first great square in the area that the Florentines call "Diladdarno" - beyond the Arno - Palazzo Pitti dominates uncontested by a small hill at the feet of Boboli.
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The Medici's Chapels
The Medici Chapels were built as a personal sepulchre of the Medici family right in the basilica of San Lorenzo.
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The Uffizi Palace
The Uffizi Palace is one of the most loved monuments of Florence. An architectural work of great importance, that shelters masterpieces of inestimable value.

Santa Maria Novella
Piazza Santa Maria Novella, with its original five-sided shape, is one of the largest squares in the old city centre of Florence.
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Florence Dome
The Cathedral or Duomo of Florence as we see it today is the end result of years of work that covered over six centuries of history.
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Piazza della Signoria
Piazza della Signoria has been the political heart of the city from the Middle Ages to the present day.
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Ponte Vecchio
Built in ancient times by the Etruscans, the bridge has weathered many storms - and storming by invading legions.
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Palazzo Vecchio
Palazzo Vecchio, found in Piazza della Signoria in the historical center of Florence, which once had the exclusive role of political representative of the city.
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