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Traditional Tuscan cuisine


Florence cuisine arose from the peasant fare of the surrounding countryside. Characterized by rustic dishes created with fresh ingredients and simple preparations, Tuscan food ranks among the world's best. White beans and olive oil are two staple ingredients. Famous specialties include bruschetta (toasted bread doused with olive oil and garlic, usually topped with tomatoes and basil and anchovy or liver paste). For primi, Florentines favor the Tuscan classics minestra di fagioli (a delicious white bean and garlic soup) and ribollita (a hearty bean, bread, and black cabbage stew). Florence's classic secondo is bistecca alla Fiorentina (thick sirloin steak). Florentines order it al sangue (very rare; literally "bloody") but you can order it al puntito (medium) or ben cotto (well-done). The best local cheese is pecorino, made from sheep's milk. No Tuscan meal is complete without wine, and a genuine chianti classico commands a premium price.

Florence steak
A Florence Classic. Perhaps the classic bistecca alla fiorentina, a thick cut from Chianina beef, a tuscany bred cattle, normally done rare over the coals.

The ribollita, a hearty bean, bread, and black cabbage stew also known as Tuscan bread soup is a classic comfort food. A dish intimately associated with Florence that gains body and substance from a healthy infusion of day-old Tuscan bread.

Stewed veal kidneys florentine style
Veal kidneys smothered with red onion and sauted in red wine. Mixed and then stewed with blended tomatoes and champignon mushrooms.

Pappa col pomodoro florentine style
A deliciuos mixture of toasted tuscan bread, tomatoes, herbs and spices, all blended together for a superb tradition of Tuscan style soup.

A vegetable broth with meat combination savouring all the best of an authentic Tuscany soup.

Fettuccine with radish
Garlic, parsely, cream of asparagus, olive oil and radishes are all part of an exquisite mixture to top off a delicious plate of fettucine.


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