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Fettuccine with radish recipe


4 servings

In a cooking pot filled with abundant boiling salted water, pour to cook 500 gr. of tagliatelline made with semolina (not with eggs); let them cook for 5-6 minutes. During this time clean away the dirt and peel the exterior of 100 gr. of radish (a very aromatic and spicy kind of radish) and then divide it into two parts: cut into slices one of these parts, put the other one aside. 

Therefore fetch a food processor and inside put half of the radish sliced to pieces along with 5-6 garlic cloves; 10-12 hot peppers; 1 cluster of parsley, 1 teaspoon of vegetable broth bouillon cube and 2 ladles of boiling water from the pasta that's cooking. Blend it thoroughly until it's all disintegrated and mixed well, therefore also add 2 tablespoons of asparagus cream mix and 10-12 tablespoons of extra-virgin olive oil and again blend it until it's all homogeneous. Taste it (carefully: it's very spicy!) and fix the salt, then pour half of it into a saucer and let it simmer a bit on a lively heat stirring continuously. Drain, but not too much, the cooking water from the pasta and add the pasta to the sauce that's simmering in the saucer. Stir it and mix it well for 2 minutes, add also the other half of the radish mix, again stir it and mix it thoroughly, therefore let it cook for 4-5 minutes still on a high heat. When the time is up turn off the heat, place the pasta into 4 soup plates, on each one grate an abundant dose of the other half of the radish left, therefore bring it onto the table hot to blaze up your mouths; and not only for the... heat. 

Wine: to stoke up even more the great fizzing of the radish and of the pepper in your mouth, I would accompany this pasta with a wine that is also sparkling: PINOT BLACK SPARKLING OLTREPO PAVESE DOC. Grapes - pinot noir and chardonnay; colour - brilliant gold with A fine and persistent perlage; scent - intense and elegant with tangs of yeast and of apple; taste - dry, balanced, sapid, typical of the vines.

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