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Traditional Tuscan Cuisine


4 servings

Over a burner with live coals, place a big grill, with very high level foots and let it heat up.

Then fetch the steak which should weigh about kg 1,6 - 1,8 (veal at least 24 months old and possibly from Chianti) cut it into the filet, naturally (the one cut in the rib is not the real Florence steak) and take away the fat in 2 or 3 points and delicately, stretch it well and lay it on the hot grill.

Quickly (3-4 minutes) the violent heat will make it sizzle and almost move, and numb; it's time to turn it over (do it with a turner, a slicer, but never however use forks or carving forks) until it starts to turn brown uniformily on both sides and it's juicy, vital blood, remains trapped inside and does not disappear in the fire. Let it brown 3-4 minutes on this other side as well, therefore, diminish the flame a bit (closing the air shutter of the burner or covering the live coals with some ash), turn it over again and let it brown for 3 more minutes on each side.

Afterwards salt it abundantly on both sides, turn it over two or three times for 2-3 minutes (until it warms up well inside as well, but without burning on the outside) and therefore, quite underdone, take it off the grill (avoiding to pierce through it with a fork) and lay it on a tray, high rimmed, previuosly heated up. Abundantly grind very scented black pepper on it, and trickle it with a line of Tuscan extra-virgin oil, therefore cut it into 4 pieces and place it, one piece in each plate, dressed with a tablespoon of the bloody sauce, mixed with oil and pepper, which formed abundantly in the tray when the steak was cut . Accompany it with a green salad dressed with oil and vinegar.

Wine: a Chianti Classico is required, at least 3 years vintage; better if it's of adequate quality and characteristics, if it's a 5 or 6 year vintage. Because that is when it obtains its characteristics of excellence: colour, intense ruby red with grainy reflexes. Scent, elegant bouquet, ample, with scents of viola, orris and sweet violet. Taste, dry, full bodied, sapid, complete, with almond, red ripe fruit scents, and, at last an after taste of tabacco.


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