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Pappa col pomodoro recipe


4 servings

Grab a saucer, oil it slightly, but uniformly, with 4-5 tablespoons of extra-virgin oil from Tuscan olives and, on a medium heat, fry 400 gr. of stale Tuscan bread sliced not too big nor too thin: 2-3 minutes on each side will be enough to brown them on the surface remaining a bit soft in the inside. As soon as they have browned, remove the slices of bread from the saucer and place them on an absorbing kitchen paper cloth to yield all the oil. When all that is done, in a food processor, prepare an aromatic purée, blending until they are completely homogenized: 500 gr. of red tomatoes (winter peeled tomatoes ) not at all sour; 1 big pinch of dried basil and 1 big pinch of fine salt.

At last grab a pan (better if it's a terracotta pan) with a lid that closes tightly and, on a ring stove, medium-high heat, with 7-8 more tablespoons of extra-virgin oil from Tuscan olives, let 4-5 large garlic cloves, a bit crushed, and 4-5 leaves of salvia simmer for 3-4 minutes stirring them continuously. When they have simmered, remove them and throw them away and pour into the same pan the aromatic purée of tomatoes previously prepared in the food processor. Stir and mix it thoroughly, let it come to a boil once more and, still on a medium-high heat and without the lid, let it stew for 7-8 minutes. When the time is up, fetch the slices of fried bread and, arranging them nicely, place them in this sauce adding afterwards also quite a bit of vegetable broth (made from a granular extract as well) as much as necessary to completely dunk all the bread and then cover it a bit. Therefore sprinkle the whole surface with 7-8 leaves of fresh basil, cover as hermetically as possible, adjusting the heat to the minimum, let it cook for about 1 hour remembering to stir it 3 or 4 time in order to allow it to mix, be tasty and cook with the maximum uniformity. A few minutes before you take it off the stove, taste it and eventually adjust the salt, therefore serve this pappa al pomodoro very hot in soup bowls completing each with a nice pinch of white pepper and a couple of loops of the usual extraordinary extra-virgin oil from Tuscan olives. Some also add grated parmesan or pecorino cheese: me, absolutely not! 

Wine: chianti Fiorentine colli, one year vintage. Colour: intense ruby red- Bouquet: agreeably intense of raspberries - Taste: winy, sapid, persistent, perfectly tannic.


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